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We are seeking more teams to participate in this intensive 48 hour multiple discipline competition which will test the expertise and creativity of company’s and individuals working in the AEC & BIM sector. As shown by these images from last years Build LONDON Live, the standard of what’s achievable and expected during the 48 hours is set high.

Inclusive Competition

Unlike almost all other architectural competitions, Bll 2009 calls on a wide range of disciplines including master planning, architecture, structural, building services and even Facilities Management. In addition to BIMs, images and AVI’s, teams may also submit constructability analysis (4D) cost analysis (5D), energy calculations and environmental analysis

Bll 2008 example – click to enlarge
Bll 2008 example – click to enlarge
Bll 2008 example – click to enlarge

Can Your Organisation Collaborate Under Pressure?

Taking part in Build LONDON Live will place intense demands on your organisations ability to collaborate internally and communicate externally. We will provide the necessary project tools through Asite to manage the data, but each team will need to be organised and focussed on the end game. As a team building exercise, Build LONDON Live is hard to beat.

Each team will be contributing a BIM towards the Shoebury-Wix master plan and shall be allocated a unique 350x150m plot and 3D context model in the weeks preceding the event. The brief is to design a mix of use scheme that includes a hotel, office, retail and residential space, but the final details (No. of hotel rooms, space requirements & height limitations etc) will be issued on the morning of the competition.

During The Competition

After 24 hours, all the teams must have submitted their massing models so they may be collated for site-wide visualisations, walkthroughs and other analysis purposes. At the end of the 48 hours, all the BIMs and other content should have been uploaded to Build LONDON Live via Asite. The intention is to showcase the collaborative process of creating BIMs, and so submittals may include everything from initial sketches to FEA analysis. There is a specific award for ‘continuous publication’.

Tell us about your team

Build LONDON Live is about collaboration between people, organisations and interoperable software systems. We’d like to know the names and roles of all the individuals and companies that make up your team and have photographs of everyone involved for our BIM Wall. We’d also like to do what we can to promote participants as experts in BIM to the wider AEC community so send us a description on each company involved and any interesting facts (one Indian team informed us they always work with the best in Bollywood music in the background!).

What Software Are You Using?

Almost all the worldwide CAD & BIM applications are now interoperable through buildingSmart, and it is an aim of Build LONDON Live to have all the players represented on the project. Please send us a full list of the applications that will be used by your team.


Interested teams should register and contact for more information.