Build LONDON Live awards are announced! 

The judges have been hard at work.  Our thanks to them for the thoughtfulness and time that they have put into reviewing the huge amount of data published by the teams during a short time-frame.

Please visit the Build London Live blog to view the winners!

Our thanks go out to all who have participated in this year’s event.  Please keep checking back on the blog as we will be publishing more highlights from the event and more detailed analysis of the submissions.

To follow the story of BLL2009 please visit the BLL Blog

Overview of Competition Site and Competition Format
Courtesy Studio-TOAST

Building on the success of Build LONDON Live 2008, Asite, AEC3 and BIM Products announce Build LONDON Live 2009 (Bll 2009) will take place from 15th – 17th December and will culminate with an exhibition in Central London on the December 18th.

This 48 hour event will showcase the state of the art in design, engineering and collaborative techniques for the Architectural Engineering and Construction industry. It will bring together hundreds of engineers from scores of companies working in different disciplines, languages, cities, countries and time zones onto a single real-time project. Bll 2009’s unique format will re-define the standards expected from design competitions by creating the worlds largest Building Information Model (BIM). For this years challenge, a hypothetical site set amongst man-made islands in the Thames Estuary has been established as the setting for a mixed use scheme comprising hotels, offices, residential and retail space. Teams from all over the world will be allocated a unique ‘site’ and design brief and will contribute to an ambitious master plan for 48 hours.

No Ordinary Competition

Build LONDON Live is a collision of master-planning, engineering and political ideas for regeneration. It uses the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques to create detailed designs and proposals. Teams will submit an unprecedented amount of content including 3D models, imagery, movies, analysis results and show how traditional design methods are enhanced by BIM to everyone’s benefit.


December 15th 12.00 GMT Competition commences

December 17th 12.00 GMT Competition is closed


Awards will be made under several categories. Prizes in the form of free software licences valued at more than £35,000 will be announced by the sponsors prior to the event. See the Awards section for detail on the judging criteria.

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