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The Build LONDON Live master plan, and the context in which it is set, are described here at . Each participating team will be allocated a unique plot on which to create designs & BIMs in accordance with the design brief. Teams will assume that all the infrastructure necessary to support the buildings being designed are in place. The design brief is for a completely hypothetical mixed use development. Each team has been allocated a site in the master plan. All sites are approximately the same size (23,000m2 or 2.3 hectare) and have a similar aspect and advantage. The brief is to create designs in the form of BIMs for the following;

This is the announcement of the final design brief details, which have been withheld until twelve hours prior to the start of the competition.

The details are as below.  Your design for your plot must comply with the following:

1.            250 room hotel (at least 100 underground car parking spaces)

2.            No less than 50,000m2 office (at least 200 underground car parking spaces

3.            200 dwellings; 80 x 3 bed apartments, 80 x 2 bed apartments, 40 x 1 bed apartment (1 parking space per dwelling)

4.            2000 M2 OF RETAIL SPACE is to be incorporated into your design

5.            Teams should note there is a HEIGHT RESTRICTION OF 20 STOREYS


  • Each team has been (randomly) allocated a plot from here
  • A copy of the context file as a DXF and IFC will be issued to the team principles in Asite
  • Copies may also be downloaded from the Asite Portal


  • Each team is required to create BIM(s) in compliance with the design brief
  • It is imperative that all buildings are located within the boundaries of the allocated plot
  • Please note that each plot is surrounded by roads/pavements and these are OUTSIDE of your plot
  • BIMs for all buildings in Design Brief items 1 & 2 above should be supplied
  • Only ONE of the residential buildings in Design Brief item 3 needs to be detailed with internal floor plans etc.


All teams must submit their information via the Asite Workspace.  This submission must include:

  • BIMs for all your buildings as an IFC file
  • BIMs for all your buildings in their native CAD format
  • Please Note we intend to create a site-wide BIM and visualisations of all the teams together
  • A Presentation of your Scheme
  • A final “BLL Competition Submission” form with details of your team, how you worked and links to your final design documentation

If you do not yet have access to the Build London Live Workspace please sign-up here:


  • As many disciplines as possible (architectural, structural, Building services etc.)
  • As many visualisations as you are able to create in the time available in (high-res) JPEG format
  • Any walkthroughs or AVI’s that you manage to create in the time available
  • Any 4D constructability analysis models in any format (NavisWorks/Synchro etc)
  • Any energy/sizing calculations for HVAC systems as PDF’s
  • Any BIM analysis data such as 5D (cost analysis) as PDF’s
  • Any BIM based Facilities Management (FM) or Asset information
  • A set of 2D floor plans & elevations etc as PDF’s (if these can be easily generated by your BIM software)
  • Any model checking results showing the coordination of disciplines (Architectural/Structural/MEP)
  • Any other content that showcases and helps explain the power of a BIM
  • Any Green/sustainability information you produce
  • Your models in NWD and/or DWF or Adobe 3D format (so we can amalgamate them with others)
  • The human side of BIM; images or AVI’s of your team at work
  • Mug-shots of everyone involved for our website wall of fame
  • Photos of where you worked from


  • Build LONDON Live is about collaboration and BIM
  • We are extremely interested to learn and show case how your designs evolved from sketches to BIMs
  • There is a prize for the best ‘Continuous Publication’
  • A PDF of four pages of A3 landscape presenting your scheme
  • Please contact if you have any difficulties understanding the process of uploading content to Asite
  • Designated persons and team leaders should have registered for an Asite account here


  • What companies are collaborating together to make up your team?
  • How many people are involved, what are their disciplines/roles?
  • A complete list of the software applications used
  • A brief introduction of your team for our website and the benefit of our audience

BLL Plots-250

Thorpe Plots-250